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Tree Preservation
It is our responsibility to maintain the value a tree has to your property. Trees like humans require attention as they grow to ensure proper development which can prevent catastrophic failures. As trees grow, they are susceptible to storm damage, infections or disease, canopy die back and poor branch structure. Although these natural occurrences may affect the integrity of a trees structure, steps can be taken to reduce the need for removal and ensure the safety and longevity of the tree. Human disturbances to trees such as soil compaction affecting the roots or mechanical damage can be avoided by consulting with an Arborist prior to building or altering landscapes. Trust the professionals at Northern Tree Surgeons to provide sustainable solutions for tree preservation.
Northern Tree Surgeons Services
At Northern Tree Surgeons, we are committed to provide our customers with professional tree care and woodlot management services personalized for your unique needs. We offer our forest services to homeowners that address safety, esthetics and habitat improvement to establish a personal enjoyment with nature. Take the time at the cottage to relax and let the experts handle the hazardous tree work with calculated solutions.
Tree Removal
​When trees pose a risk to your safety and property value the need for removal is unquestionable. These trees may pose a high risk due to the lack of integrity of the tree and its location in proximity to your property. At Northern Tree Surgeons we are proficient in tree dissection having the equipment, techniques and skill set to efficiently dismantle trees safely. 
Woodlot Management
​Wildlife Habitat Management 
Northern Tree Surgeons is honored to offer an innovative service to the industry by encouraging or enhancing pre-existing wildlife habitat. This can be accomplished by creating nesting or perching cavities in trees, felling or removing trees in streams to alter flow and so much more. We have the knowledge and experience to develop planting plans that can provide natural browsing food by suggesting specific tree species or ideal tree species that will minimize snow accumulation creating wildlife corridors. 
Tree Pruning
​Landowners with waterfront access must adhere to a zoning by-law which restricts the removal of vegetation for shoreline retention. A delicate scenic view through the trees can be established by selectively removing branches to create strategically placed pockets in the canopy to highlight; shoreline, tree horizon, rock faces', valleys’, sunsets, sunrises or filtered sky and water. These fluent flowing scenic views take in to consideration the health of the trees while retaining cottage privacy. There are various pruning methods that can be used to improve or alter the growing structure of a tree. If done correctly pruning can be used to encourage growth away from buildings, elevate driveways and walking paths, reduce the load of a trees canopy by removing cross-over branches and dead wood and even increase fruit production.
Offering forestry consulting to provide educated and professional suggestions to improve woodlots, while increasing the landowner’s awareness about forest stewardship. Encouraged to educate landowners about the value of their property and how their woodlot can be managed through sustainable harvesting practices. Selectively harvesting low quality trees for firewood and trail maintenance will eventually lead to a higher grade of forest. This method can be applied to sugar bush stands to increase potential yield.